August 17, 2012

is a website that claims you can earn by shrinking and sharing links…..a scam?

Filed under: Online scams — admin @ 3:52 pm

Websites that claim you can earn by shrinking and sharing links, this website however is nothing but a waste of time, the fact really is that your account after months of hard work gaining views and watching your little graph increase will just be BANNED! The website admin will offer no explanation for the ban, you may get a comment in red writing after failing to log in such as “cheater” or some other slanderous remark to rub it in your face. These websites are┬ábreaking the law and is getting away with it conning thousands of people out of time and money! When you sign up to one of these websites you agree to the terms and conditions of which binds you to a legal agreement (contract) if the admin then will just ban your account this is actually a ┬ábreach of contract and you are well within your rights to sue the admin. The website admins will continue to scam and con people and with admin will continue to earn a lot of money, I have posted this to warn people to not waste their time with these kind of websites.


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