August 19, 2012

Get paid to do websites target gamers

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GPT websites target gamers, many gamers are unable to buy games or game currency, this can be due to many reasons.
Many GPT website will advertise ultimate gamer cards where they send you a card that will give you gaming currency on many different online games, in reality people do not get these cards because they are just banned!

Gamer’s are often young people and so it is morally wrong to scam young people like this!

I have talked to many people who have been scammed by these websites that say that they where banned for using a wrong address? This is slander! they do not know where you live..for all they know you could live on the moon!

Also these GPT are targetting young people who maynot be old enough to understand the rules and may have even typed in a wrong address by mistake, and it is wrong for these GPT websites  to ban these people if it was a honest mistake such as misspelling an address or using a friends computer to log in.
You are banned after the GPT website receives payment from the advertiser company also  as all gpt website work with cpa offers so they get paid per each 1 completed, the only reason the get paid to do website is processing the payments and checking ways to abn you or see if have done anything wrong is to keep all the profits! They will have already been payed (for your work)!



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