August 18, 2012

Online Ponzi scheme scam!

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Just been scammed more like!

Many of these ponzi schemes want you to invest, You are meant to buy positions which cost £10 each these positions mean you earn 2% from them each day  for 60 days or so, On many of the ponzi scheme websites they say that, so it must be true that it is “indefinitely sustainable”

Some ponzi schemes are only sustainable becuase it restarts randomly every-so often, I say randomly but the actual fact is that these restarts happen when the pyramid collapses.
What are restarts? Restarts are when everybody’s positions stop earning even if you have not even got your money back.

So people maybe in profit but many more will wont be, for example i my self joined a ponzi scheme and got a £10 free position (this is a loan though it is not free at all, they dont tell you its a loan to fool you, even if your position matures and you have abit of profit you will still need to invest as the minimum cashout is £5)
With this position i watched as my earning went up 2% each day and after a couple of days i was nearly at £8 but then the restart happened and i was stuck at £8, to make matters even funnier they took away £10 from my balance for the loaned position as well so that meant i had -£2!

Some schemes actually do pay people, however many of these websites have limits on the amounts of people who can cash out so you will have to wake up early in the morning to cash out.

So apprently loads of people are promoting many different ponzi schemes that are on the internet, “you can get 2% of your investment each day with this great scheme” so why would these people be advertising a scam?
Here are some quotes that  you may hear from people promoting the website.


“indefinitely sustainable investment program”

Many forum and blog posting are advertising the schemes to get you to join under their referral links and they will get money for getting referrals, they maybe the lucky ones who are timing their investments at the right time, however noone can perdict when the restarts happen.
Another reason they maybe promoting the website is simply to get referrals and get you to invest so they don’t have to meaning they will get money for nothing!

Joining and investing in a ponzi scheme is really a gamble, and a gamble that only really pays the top investors at the top of the pyramid everybody else just pays for the top investors.


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