August 17, 2012

GPT here to scam you!

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Get piad to do websites are here to scam you out of time and even money!

The get paid to do websites are out to scam people wanting to earn via the internet!
It is best to avoid these 2 websites at all cost, they may appear well known and appear on forums to be “legit” however i warn you that with simple marketing tactics, SEO, and simply posting and creating multiple forum accounts and praising the websites the illussion that they are legit can seem very real!

Ask your self this, Why do they need to keep reassuring people that they are legit on their website with payment proof and testimonals on their front page?
They may indeed pay a few people whom have alot of refferals to help promote their website and fool people to join making people think “well they paid him so it must be real”.
Many scammers use the method of only paying 20% of their users so that the website is not a obvious scam!

Here is a example of a scam that happened to me on a gpt website, my account was banned after i requested a payment, the reason for the ban was stupid “we do not believe that your real address”
When i asked why not, i just recieved a rude response from the support.

The thing that makes this scam even more annoying is that to earn money you must complete long winded and time consuming surveys to reach the minimum payout, this takes alot of effort and for your account to be simply banned  is very annoying!

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