August 17, 2012

GPT waste of time!

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The only prize you will get out of gpt (get paid to do) website’s is the ban prize….It is just a waste of time.
Like many  gpt websites you must complete offers to earn your “prizes” you can watch videos to $0.01 per video.
The surveys can take quite awhile to complete and your balance will increse 0.50-0.70 per survey.
Surveys can take up along time around 20 to 30 miniutes of staring at boring questions and ticking the right boxes.

Now you have finally earnt enough money to get a nice reward SO YOU THINK!

After selecting a reward and filling up all you details your order will be processed in other words the admins will work out wether to ban you or keep you as auser to promote their website, by banning you they will be able to keep 100% revenue, keeping you however means they will have someone promoting their website for refferals and maybe even someone to argue back with someone if they accuse the website of being a scam.
I do not know exactly how many memebers they decide to keep and how many they ban but what i do know is that it is not worth risking and hoping that you will be a member they decide to keep.
Even if they do decide to keep you they are still conning you and making you do extremely long winded surveys and offers for peanuts.


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