August 19, 2012

If you know of any Scams feel free to contact me!

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If you know of any scams, if you have been a victim of a scam and want revenge and dont want anyone else to get scammed by the same method then you can use the comment section at the bottom of this page to discuss online scams.
I will even write a article about the method after testing whether it is a scam or not.




Get paid to do websites target gamers

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GPT websites target gamers, many gamers are unable to buy games or game currency, this can be due to many reasons.
Many GPT website will advertise ultimate gamer cards where they send you a card that will give you gaming currency on many different online games, in reality people do not get these cards because they are just banned!

Gamer’s are often young people and so it is morally wrong to scam young people like this!

I have talked to many people who have been scammed by these websites that say that they where banned for using a wrong address? This is slander! they do not know where you live..for all they know you could live on the moon!

Also these GPT are targetting young people who maynot be old enough to understand the rules and may have even typed in a wrong address by mistake, and it is wrong for these GPT websites  to ban these people if it was a honest mistake such as misspelling an address or using a friends computer to log in.
You are banned after the GPT website receives payment from the advertiser company also  as all gpt website work with cpa offers so they get paid per each 1 completed, the only reason the get paid to do website is processing the payments and checking ways to abn you or see if have done anything wrong is to keep all the profits! They will have already been payed (for your work)!



August 18, 2012

Online Ponzi scheme scam!

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Just been scammed more like!

Many of these ponzi schemes want you to invest, You are meant to buy positions which cost £10 each these positions mean you earn 2% from them each day  for 60 days or so, On many of the ponzi scheme websites they say that, so it must be true that it is “indefinitely sustainable”

Some ponzi schemes are only sustainable becuase it restarts randomly every-so often, I say randomly but the actual fact is that these restarts happen when the pyramid collapses.
What are restarts? Restarts are when everybody’s positions stop earning even if you have not even got your money back.

So people maybe in profit but many more will wont be, for example i my self joined a ponzi scheme and got a £10 free position (this is a loan though it is not free at all, they dont tell you its a loan to fool you, even if your position matures and you have abit of profit you will still need to invest as the minimum cashout is £5)
With this position i watched as my earning went up 2% each day and after a couple of days i was nearly at £8 but then the restart happened and i was stuck at £8, to make matters even funnier they took away £10 from my balance for the loaned position as well so that meant i had -£2!

Some schemes actually do pay people, however many of these websites have limits on the amounts of people who can cash out so you will have to wake up early in the morning to cash out.

So apprently loads of people are promoting many different ponzi schemes that are on the internet, “you can get 2% of your investment each day with this great scheme” so why would these people be advertising a scam?
Here are some quotes that  you may hear from people promoting the website.


“indefinitely sustainable investment program”

Many forum and blog posting are advertising the schemes to get you to join under their referral links and they will get money for getting referrals, they maybe the lucky ones who are timing their investments at the right time, however noone can perdict when the restarts happen.
Another reason they maybe promoting the website is simply to get referrals and get you to invest so they don’t have to meaning they will get money for nothing!

Joining and investing in a ponzi scheme is really a gamble, and a gamble that only really pays the top investors at the top of the pyramid everybody else just pays for the top investors.


Example of marketing “pyramidal” perfect

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Mechanics of systems “pyramid schemes”

Until the 1990s, was predominant a free system, in which every person could increase his affiliate marketing group without any limit.
Today is the most widely used matrix system, where each employee can build a group whose maximum size can be defined contractually. The reason for the change is the increasing number of sellers, which actually constitutes the structural and systemic problem of marketing “pyramid”.
In the limiting case as an n number of customers/vendors at the first level (the vendors chosen by whoever starts the chain) and assuming that every seller reach an n number of vendors/customers spreading the goods (or the transfer of money) ideally, the result is, at any level, a total of vendors/customers.
The example shown demonstrates the unsustainability of this structure, it is therefore illegal in some countries: given n = 6, p = 11 customers/sellers are more of the inhabitants of the United States and p = 13 has been almost doubled the entire world’s population.
The inefficiency of the system the sample in question would make sense, therefore, how large is the profit margin for those who started and how little circles, however, the money to low levels.
In the second analysis are three structural limits:
In a building ideal, be exhausted in a few steps all potential customers: as it is sometimes less consumables specialist (i.e. a particular SOAP, or perceived as such by potential buyers), the offer is likely to outpace demand in short time.
In a building ideal, be exhausted in a few steps all potential marketers: a large number of agents will fail to reach a fraction of earnings that the system theoretically allows.
The ideal construction does not reflect the reality of the average operator: in fact, typically that occurs a few sellers will be able to recruit the best available agents, while only a small part of the latter will place the volumes of goods needed to achieve significant gains. In addition, clients may not always apply to this network of sale for purchasing exclusive products, but not for this irreplaceable.

August 17, 2012

Ponzi scheme!

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The pyramid (or as the Ponzi pyramid) is a form of fraud in which the benefit is not really activity as announced sale, but especially the recruitment of new members. The term “pyramid” identifies the fact that only the initiators of the system (at the Summit) benefit in depriving the members of base.
This system frequently hide behind the words of “multi-level marketing” or “multi-level marketing” (in English multi-level marketing or “MLM”), although fundamental differences exist, allowing some countries to ban then the pyramid that the multi-level sales is permitted (especially France with the status of VDI3).
The pyramid system can be detected by a disproportion between the actual value of a property for sale (“package”) or opacity that surrounds this package, and the money provided by the system of referrals.
Internet has its own versions of pyramid systems, including the famous “MMF” (Make Money Fast) spam.

The geometric progression of an impossible sale pyramid classic: to continue to work, it requires in effect to a number of people more than the world’s population (from level 14, knowing that the tier 1 includes 1 person and in the case where each person recruited 6 others)


Internet scams

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Internet scams are very numerous and varied.
Phishing (phishing): some spam on the internet urging to
collaborate on money transfers
or contact its bank data under the pretext of checking posing as a bank or a company storefront (phishing)
or buy obscure publicly traded securities to raise their prices for the benefit of a con artist who can sell them at a price very (kennicott or Kettle).
Fraud by ads
Asking the sending of money by cash urgent mandate for example
Meeting venues (Nigerian scam)

Dont be fooled when people are promoting a website on a forum!

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When ever a person is posting about a website on a forum it can eithier be becoause of one of many different reason these include

-SEO the webmaster of the forum is trying to create backlinks to his own website to increase their own search ranking
-People trying to get refferals, many gpt websites have refferal systems where by people are able to earn a percentage of all members earnings that have signed up through their refferal link. It is important to understand that these people might have never actually been payed by the website before and are just trying to see if they can get referrals, it is quite easy also to get fake payment proof from google.
-The webmaster could be pretending to be someone who has been payed and is trying to trick people into signing up. They can also then make multiple accounts on the same forum to then backup their post even more.

You cannot always trust people who are promoting websites!

De-ranking a scam website

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To really hit a scam website i have been seeing lots of people making scam website warning websites, with the aim of de ranking the offending websites google rank by taking its place at the top of the search results.
By doing so this method would drastically effect the visitors to the website and people will know not to trust that website.



By doing good seo it is quite possible to knock a scam website from number 1# on google and have this website their instead!

GPT waste of time!

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The only prize you will get out of gpt (get paid to do) website’s is the ban prize….It is just a waste of time.
Like many  gpt websites you must complete offers to earn your “prizes” you can watch videos to $0.01 per video.
The surveys can take quite awhile to complete and your balance will increse 0.50-0.70 per survey.
Surveys can take up along time around 20 to 30 miniutes of staring at boring questions and ticking the right boxes.

Now you have finally earnt enough money to get a nice reward SO YOU THINK!

After selecting a reward and filling up all you details your order will be processed in other words the admins will work out wether to ban you or keep you as auser to promote their website, by banning you they will be able to keep 100% revenue, keeping you however means they will have someone promoting their website for refferals and maybe even someone to argue back with someone if they accuse the website of being a scam.
I do not know exactly how many memebers they decide to keep and how many they ban but what i do know is that it is not worth risking and hoping that you will be a member they decide to keep.
Even if they do decide to keep you they are still conning you and making you do extremely long winded surveys and offers for peanuts.


GPT here to scam you!

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Get piad to do websites are here to scam you out of time and even money!

The get paid to do websites are out to scam people wanting to earn via the internet!
It is best to avoid these 2 websites at all cost, they may appear well known and appear on forums to be “legit” however i warn you that with simple marketing tactics, SEO, and simply posting and creating multiple forum accounts and praising the websites the illussion that they are legit can seem very real!

Ask your self this, Why do they need to keep reassuring people that they are legit on their website with payment proof and testimonals on their front page?
They may indeed pay a few people whom have alot of refferals to help promote their website and fool people to join making people think “well they paid him so it must be real”.
Many scammers use the method of only paying 20% of their users so that the website is not a obvious scam!

Here is a example of a scam that happened to me on a gpt website, my account was banned after i requested a payment, the reason for the ban was stupid “we do not believe that your real address”
When i asked why not, i just recieved a rude response from the support.

The thing that makes this scam even more annoying is that to earn money you must complete long winded and time consuming surveys to reach the minimum payout, this takes alot of effort and for your account to be simply banned  is very annoying!

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